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How to Help Your ELL Students
How to Help Your ELL Students
You want your students to realize their full potential. So what happens when an English Language Learner (ELL) is placed in your classroom? How will he grasp the directions you give the class? Will he let you know if he doesn't understand? Here are five tips from The ESL Nexus to help your ELLs feel comfortable and confident.
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5 Ways to Increase Parent-Teacher Communication
5 Ways to Increase Parent-Teacher Communication
"It can be overwhelming to make contact with parents all the time, especially as secondary teachers," says high school biology teacher Science Rocks. Fortunately, she's found quick and easy ways to communicate with parents (that won't keep you at school for hours).
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Bring on the Craftivities
Bring on the Craftivities
Who says arts 'n' crafts are just for little guys and gals? Check out fantastic resources from Deb HansonPresto Plans, La-Nette Mark, Outside the Lines Lesson Designs, Devoted Teacher, and Peg Swift French Immersion to help unleash your students' inner artist. And find lots more inspiration here!
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Elliott   Amy
Elliott   Amy
Elliott   Amy
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U.S. Government and Elections Resources Unit   How to Write a Persuasive Essay for AP Spanish PowerPoint and Activities
By Aspire to Inspire Classroom Resources   By Angie Torre
Grades 4-8   Grades 11-12
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3-D Skin Model Project - Anatomy and Physiology   Road to Revolution: Causes of the American Revolution MEGA Bundle!
By SciYeung   By Betsey Zachry
Grades 10-12   Grades 7-12
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Juggling ELA
Tammy Manor
Juggling ELA
Queens, NY
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My Literary Terms Bingo is a great way to review literary terms with your students. I've used this with my students many times. I give out prizes to the winners (such as free homework passes or 5 points on the next quiz) as an incentive to play. My Task Cards for Independent Reading Bundle includes writing prompts that can be used with fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. With 132 writing prompts, it's perfect for any independent reading you do in your ELA classroom. I like to do independent reading once a week, and my students keep journals using these prompts.
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Literary Terms Bingo - 30 game cards   Task Cards for Independent Reading Bundle
By Juggling ELA   By Juggling ELA
Grades 7-12   Grades 5-12
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10 Free Downloads
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EDITABLE Middle and High School Class Job Application FREEBIE   BINGO - Favorite Things!
By Out of the Box STEM   By LearnON
Grades 6-12   Grades K-12
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Spanish Greetings WORD SEARCH   Halloween-Themed Fact & Opinion Task Cards
By Senora Lee - for the LOVE of Spanish   By Rike Neville
Grades 5-10   Grades 8-12
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Midnight Ride of Paul Revere Primary Source Analysis FREEBIE   Sociological Research
By 422History   By Leah Cleary
Grades 7-12   Grades 9-12
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Halloween Math Activity FREE Create-A-Monster: Jack-O-Lantern   Challenge Beast! Simplifying Polynomials Exponent Rules Math Common Core 8.EE.1
By Method To My Mathness   By Piece of Pi
Grades PreK-8   Grades 7-10
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Microscope Image Guessing Game with Scanning Electron Microscope Pictures   Macromolecule Study Information Cards
By Tiny Worlds   By Science Bunny
Grades 3-8   Grades 7-12
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HUGE {all the FOLDABLES} Math BUNDLE - ALL YEAR Interactive Notebook, Grades 3-6
Grades 3-7
Behavior Contracts and Behavior Intervention Forms
Grades K-6
Algebra 1 Curriculum
Grades 7-12
Geometry Curriculum
Grades 8-12
S-Cubed! Complete Bundle-How to Teach Sight Singing to Beginners
Grades 4-9
PreCalculus: A Year of Curriculum
Grades 9-12
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