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Vol 372: Grades 6-12
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How I Created My Own Dry-Erase Table
How I Created My Own Dry-Erase Table
Looking to create your own dry-erase table for your classroom? Middle School Math Man did it... and you can, too! Check out the step-by-step in photos.
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The Exciting World of Words
The Exciting World of Words
Expand your students' breadth of vocabulary knowledge. Explore the fun of figurative language. Pique their interest with short stories. And lots more!
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Resource Round-Up
Resource Round-Up
This week's round-up for middle and high school is here! Crack the code with holiday-themed puzzles, help your students prep for SAT season, and more. Love it!
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Elliott   Amy
Elliott   Amy
Elliott   Amy
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Soft Skills Presentation - Employability Skills - Editable   RHYTHM: Halloween Rhythm Activities
By Caffeine Queen   By MusicTeacherResources
Grades 8-12   Grades 4-8
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Engineering and Bridge Design Integrated Language Arts STEM Unit   MLA Citations, MLA Formatting, Plagiarism, and Paraphrasing
By Mrs Dessert   By Rebekah Sayler
Grades 4-8   Grades 7-11
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Seller Spotlight
Cathy Yenca
Austin, TX
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Student collaboration and communication are important in deeply understanding mathematics at all levels of schooling. Using paper resources that encourage students to sort and classify concepts encourages students to "talk math" as they work together. Additionally, giving students opportunities to analyze common errors and fix them helps students anticipate and avoid misconceptions while deepening understandings. The resources I share on TpT are labors of love, designed with my own students in mind from years of creating and “tweaking” instructional tasks. My hope is that student communication and collaboration extend from my own classroom to students globally!
My Featured Resources
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Combining Like Terms "Silent Sort" Whole-Class Activity Kinesthetic   QR Code "Find 'N Fix" Error Analysis Bundle - Students LOVE "Grading" Papers!
By MathyCathy  By MathyCathy
Grades 6-12   Grades 5-8
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10 Free Downloads
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Finding Theme with Concentric Circles   FREE Film as Literature Graphic Organizer Analysis Sheet for ANY movie!
By Language Arts for Middle School   By Erika Forth
Grades 6-8   Grades 6-12
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FREE Growth Mindset Quotes Posters and Printables   Personal Finance for Teens Unleashed - Financial Freedom, Family and Dreams
By Kirsten's Kaboodle   By Personal Finance for Teens Unleashed
Grades 4-9   Grades 8-12
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Geometry Memory Match Game/ Geometry Card Sort   Free Task Cards: Reflecting and Rotating a Polygon Onto Itself
By Kacie Travis   By Rise over Run
Grades 8-11   Grades 9-12
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Alien & Sedition Acts ~ Presidency of John Adams   Chinese counting 1 to 50 ( with Chinese characters and pinyin pronunciation )
By Herstoria   By Panda Chinese Academy
Grades 7-10   Grades PreK-12
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FREEBIE: Plant Cell Interactive Science Notebook   Acids and Bases
By The Lab   By Dr Jans Math and Science Lab
Grades 6-10   Grades 4-7
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Best Sellers This Week
HUGE {all the FOLDABLES} MATH Bundle - ALL YEAR Interactive Notebook, Grades 3-6
Grades 3-6
Halloween STEM Challenges: 5-in-1 Bundle
Grades 2-8
Behavior Contracts and Behavior Intervention Forms
Grades K-6
Algebra 1 Curriculum
Grades 7-12
Science Station Lab Bundle - Differentiated Science Labs
Grades 5-9
Paula Kim Studio Lifetime Growing Bundle
Grades PreK-12
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