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Vol 376: Grades 6-12
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Characterization Activity, Rock Cycle Doodle Notes, More
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Gallery Walks Are Great Fun!
Gallery Walks Are Great Fun!
A gallery walk is a discussion technique that gets students up and moving around the room to engage with informational text, primary sources, and more. And Education with DocRunning is all about it! Here's how she makes it a success in her classroom.
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Autumn in the Classroom
Autumn in the Classroom
Even big kids love getting into the spirit of autumn. Check out fall-tastic activities from Distinguished EnglishLaProfesoraFrida, Cori Bloom, Lisa Blagus, SLP for ME, and other terrific Teacher-Authors.
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Resource Round-Up!
Resource Round-Up!
Bring on balloon car STEM challenges, Thanksgiving-themed linear equations, novel units, and more. It's a resource round-up you won't want to miss.
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Elliott   Amy
Elliott   Amy
Elliott   Amy
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Science Sub Plans Literacy MEGA BUNDLE - 50 Secondary Science Reading Articles   Electoral College Lecture & Activity (Civics)
By Tangstar Science   By Chalk Dust Diva
Grades 7-12   Grades 8-11
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Growth Mindset   Francophone Countries Lesson Plans, Maps, Videos, Flags, Nationalities
By Kathy Ryan   By World Language Cafe
Not Grade Specific   Grades PreK-12
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Seller Spotlight
Judith M Darling - Razzle Dazzle Learning
Judith M Darling
Razzle Dazzle Learning
Austin, TX
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The two most difficult hurdles for middle school language arts teachers are grading along with reteaching language arts skills that students need to review. My mission is to develop materials that are student-directed and student-graded. My poetry unit turns middle school students on to poetry because it is fun, it is challenging, and it provides all the rubrics including the grading rubrics for each section in the unit. My Daily Dazzle D Bell Ringer reteaches/reviews basic language arts skills. It is a full year program and is designed to be used with The Daily Dazzle Tool Box (a one-time purchase to be used with ALL the Daily Dazzles grades 3 - 8). It contains the rules and is coordinated by page number so students look up the rules themselves.
My Featured Resources
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Poetry Unit - Middle School 6 - 8 Interactive and Student Graded   LANGUAGE ARTS BELL RINGER - 7TH GRADE - DAILY DAZZLE D BOOK - CC ALIGNED
By Judith M Darling - Razzle Dazzle Learning   By Judith M Darling - Razzle Dazzle Learning
Grades 6-8   Grade 7
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10 Free Downloads
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Finding Range given Domain and Multiple Representations of Functions   Summary of Methods for Graphing Linear Equations and Solving Linear Systems
By Secondary Math Solutions   By Dawn Designs
Grades 7-12   Grades 8-11
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Editable Rubric (for special ed and speech & language)   French exit tickets/ billets de sortie
By Badger State Speechy   By Mme R's French Resources
Not Grade Specific   Grades 6-12
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Rock Cycle Doodle Notes   Stoichiometry Assessment: Avogadro's Gas Law and Flatulence
By The Morehouse Magic   By Dunigan Science
Grades 5-9   Grades 7-12
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Characterization & Fatal Flaws: Literary Elements & Analysis {COMMON CORE}   The Fall of the House of Usher Vocabulary Freebie
By The Bespoke ELA Classroom   By Selena Smith
Grades 8-12   Grades 7-12
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Jeffersonian Democracy   FREE FONT - Chalkboard LuLu - personal classroom use
By askteacherz   By The Upper Elementary Classroom
Grades 8-11   Grades PreK-12
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Best Sellers This Week
Geometry Curriculum
Grades 8-12
Presidential Election 2016 - An Election Day Unit
Grades 2-6
Health Curriculum for High School 9-12: Full-Semester with 90 Health Lessons
Grades 6-12
Space Mega Bundle {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}
Grades PreK-12
Algebra 1 Curriculum
Grades 7-12
HUGE {all the FOLDABLES} MATH Bundle - ALL YEAR Interactive Notebook, Grades 3-6
Grades 3-6
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