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Vol 402: Grades 6-12
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Retelling Timeline, Equations Cut-and-Paste Activity, More
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What's in My Teaching Bag?
What's in My Teaching Bag?
Syllabus. Ice pack. Car keys. Hair ties. Cough drops. More stickers than any normal high school teacher should have. And the list goes on. Find out the full contents of Miss Senorita's backpack, and have a laugh at her hilarious descriptions.
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It Begins With Kindness
It Begins With Kindness
How can you help boost the happiness and well-being of your students? It starts by teaching them to care about each other. If you're looking for new ideas to bring more kindness into your classroom, try some of these suggestions from Teacher-Authors who've made it their mission to demonstrate these positive behaviors.
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Resource Round-Up!
Resource Round-Up!
This week you'll find a Presidents' Day activity, a kindness kit, a Civil War unit, Valentine's Day polynomial exercises, resources for creating your own maker space, and more. Here's to incredible, memorable learning experiences!
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Elliott   Amy
Elliott   Amy
Elliott   Amy
Sponsored Resources
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Frederick Douglass Bundle   Daily Life Skills Math
By Selena Smith   By Creative Resources
Grades 8-12   Grades 1-12
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Slope-Intercept Form Graphing Art Bundle   Winter Kids and Teens Clip Art
By Make Sense of Math   By Ever English Designs
Grades 7-10   Not Grade Specific
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Seller Spotlight
It's Not Rocket Science
It's Not Rocket Science
South Carolina
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I strive to create curriculum that is engaging, interactive, and organized for my students, but that also decreases my own prep and grading time. I've created a packet system to organize the material in my Biology Curriculum Full Year bundle. The packets are a unique alternative to interactive notebooks that I've found more appropriate for my secondary students — and simpler for me! I also believe the first five minutes of class set the standard for our classroom culture. I call those five minutes "Prime Time" and my Prime Time resource includes bell ringers for the entire school year.
My Featured Resources
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Biology Curriculum - Full Year BUNDLE   Biology Daily Bell Ringers or Exit Slips - FULL YEAR BUNDLE
By It's Not Rocket Science  By It's Not Rocket Science
Grades 9-12   Grades 7-10
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10 Free Downloads
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Analyzing Quotes of African-American Leaders Task Cards - Black History Month   Valentine's Day History Timeline
By Michele Luck's Social Studies   By Stephanie's History Store
Grades 6-12   Grades 8-11
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How to Win an Argument Brainstorming Guide   Retelling Timeline (Reading Comprehension)
By Engage with ELA   By Galarious Goods
Grades 7-10   Grades 5-8
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Movie Guide: The Book of Life (El Libro de Vida)   EET Companion for Middle and High School Defining and Describing
By Mis Clases Locas   By Mrs H Speech Therapy Room
Grades 6-12   Grades 6-12
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Evidence for Evolution Video Worksheet-FREEBIE!   Number & Quantity: The Real Number System Exponents
By Teacher Erica's Science Store   By Beautiful Mathematics
Grades 6-8   Grades 8-10
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One-Step Equation Word Problems - Cut-and-Paste Activity   The Arts Across Curriculum - Editable Binder Freebie!
By Math on the Move   By StudentSavvy
Grades 6-8   Grades PreK-12
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Best Sellers This Week
Algebra 1 Curriculum
Grades 7-12
Science Lesson Plans Bundle - 100+ Complete 5E Model Lesson Plans
Grades 5-10
Class Slides with Timers {Editable}
Grades K-6
Geometry Curriculum
Grades 8-12
Black History Month Activities: Collaboration Poster BUNDLE: Volume 1
Grades 2-12
Algebra 2 Activities Growing Bundle
Grades 8-11
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