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Vol 406: Grades 6-12
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Natural Resources Task Cards, Great Depression Multi-Flow Map, More
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How to Use Visuals and Graphics to Improve Critical Thinking Skills
How to Use Visuals and Graphics to Improve Critical Thinking Skills
"Using eye-catching visuals to reinforce learning helps students comprehend abstract scientific theories and improve their critical thinking skills," says Erica of TpT store Nitty Gritty Science. That's where science interactive notebooks come in. Learn about the ways she works them into her lessons.
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Annotation: Why Students Hate It (And How to Fix It)
Annotation: Why Students Hate It (And How to Fix It)
"What I had to learn was that annotating was essentially multitasking," says high school English Teacher David Rickert. "When students were looking for personification and characterization and setting details all while trying to comprehend what they were reading, they were not likely to do any of those things particularly well."
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Resource Round-Up!
Resource Round-Up!
This week's resources include a Socratic seminar, fact and opinion practice, a St. Patrick's Day two-step inequalities math puzzle, and more. Take a closer look, and see which ones are free!
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Elliott   Amy
Elliott   Amy
Elliott   Amy
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Elements of Plot Lesson Plans - Presentation, Plot Diagram Poster, Notes, & More   Pythagorean Theorem - 'Lets Play 24 Challenge' - 96 Multi-Level Task Cards
By Storyboard That   By Moore Resources
Grades 6-12   Grades 7-12
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Clip Art: Black History Month   Financing a Car (Bundle): A Financial Literacy Assignment
By Gretchen Ebright   By Personal Finance for Teens Unleashed
Grades PreK-12   Grades 8-12
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Seller Spotlight
La Profe Plotts
La Profe Plotts
Visit my store!
Rick Riordan said, "My goal in the classroom was always to make sure they were having so much fun that they didn’t realize they were learning." That has always been my teaching philosophy and goal too, and my resources reflect that ideology. I love creating engaging materials to help students understand Spanish grammar and vocabulary better. Task cards and games are hands-down my favorite tools. Task cards can be used in a variety of ways to provide students a well-rounded review AND get them out of their seats. ¡Cucharas! is great for reinforcing conjugations in a FUN way.
My Featured Resources
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Spanish Task Cards MEGA Bundle   Present, Preterite, Imperfect, & Future ┬íCucharas! Games SUPER BUNDLE
By La Profe Plotts  By La Profe Plotts
Grades 7-12   Grades 7-12
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10 Free Downloads
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Counting Atoms for Interactive Notebooks   Natural Resources Task Cards (Differentiated and Tiered) (FREE)
By Bond with James   By Stephanie Elkowitz
Grades 7-11   Grades 3-9
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FREE! The Great Depression Multi-Flow Map (U.S. History)   Current Events Form to Summarize, Analyze, Evaluate 6-9
By Chalk Dust Diva --- History - Social Science   By AZSunset Cross-Curricular Literacy 4-9
Grades 7-12   Grades 5-10
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Close Reading Speech Analysis: John Adams Inaugural Address   Arthur Miller's The Crucible: Mock Trial
By Solutions and Similes   By Literary Roses
Grades 9-12   Grade 11
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Simplifying Fractions Spinner Game   Free Downloads - Triangle Congruence Interactive Notebook
By Math Imagination   By Marie's Math Resources and Coloring Activities
Grades 5-8   Grades 6-9
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German Verb Prefixes Organizer   Teens Clip Art FREE
By Lessons to Learn   By The Artventurous Life
Grades 5-12   Not Grade Specific
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Best Sellers This Week
Editable Teacher Binder FREE Updates for Life - Teacher Planner & Organizer
Grades K-12
Lessons at a Glance: Google Templates for Your Schedule, Materials, and More
Grades 3-8
Geometry Curriculum
Grades 8-12
Valentine's Day Interactive Coloring + Writing
Grades K-9
Science Lesson Plans Bundle - 100+ Complete 5E Model Lesson Plans
Grades 5-10
8th Grade Math Common Core Bundle
Grades 7-9
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