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4 Strategies to Improve How You Teach Two-Way Tables
4 Strategies to Improve How You Teach Two-Way Tables
Math educator Amanda Nix has helpful tips, tricks, and resources to help students truly understand two-way tables. A favorite in her classroom? Her "Old Math Guy" game that's perfect for interpreting two-way tables and calculating basic relative frequency.
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So Much to Explore With Shakespeare's The Tempest!
So Much to Explore With Shakespeare's The Tempest!
"The Tempest is a story of family, of love, of power, of revenge, and of forgiveness. And this is where our analysis of the play begins." See how Louisa of TpT store Literature Daydreams brings this play to life for her secondary students.
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Secrets From a Science Teacher
Secrets From a Science Teacher
"I have a confession," says Adventures in ISTEM. "I'm a science teacher who doesn't care if my students learn science." What's most important to this Teacher-Author is that her students leave her classroom having learned the skills of problem-solving, perseverance, and working well with others. Check out her heartfelt post.
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Elliott   Jodi
Elliott   Jodi
Elliott   Jodi
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Genetics Bundle Powerpoint Notes Labs Worksheets Review Games Tests   Close Reading and Multiple Choice Escape (Breakout) Room for Grades 6-8
By Amy Brown Science   By Read it Write it Learn it
Grades 8-12   Grades 6-8
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11th Grade Writing Prompts & Creative Writing Ideas   California Gold Rush PowerPoint and Graphic Organizer
By Christina Gil   By ZoopDog Creations
Grade 11   Grades 6-9
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Sol AzĂșcar By Catharyn Crane
Sol Azucar By Catharyn Crane
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To learn a new language, students need LOTS of input. But if that input isn't engaging, it can go in one ear and out the other, especially with middle and high schoolers! My Spanish resources focus on engagement by: building community, exciting competition, including pop culture, making students get up and move, and providing differentiation so students don't give up.
My Featured Resources
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Spanish Phrase of the Week Posters - Frase de la Semana - BUNDLE   Minuto Loco - The ENTIRE Collection - 180 Races for ALL Spanish Verb Tenses
By Sol Azucar By Catharyn Crane  By Sol Azucar By Catharyn Crane
Grades 4-12   Grades 5-12
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10 Free Downloads
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Multi-Match Game Cards 8E: Understanding Integer Exponents   MATH-mageddon -Graphs & Intersections of Linear Functions- WS and Presentation
By Angie Seltzer   By Robert Duncan
Grades 8-9   Grades 7-9
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FREE TH Sounded Loaded Book for Speech Therapy Silly Poem on each page   Classroom Kindness Quote Posters #kindnessnation
By Miss Chris's Peech Room   By Tween Spirit
Not Grade Specific   Not Grade Specific
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1984 Discussion Role Cards   Formal vs. Informal Language
By Spark Creativity   By XClass to the Rescue
Grades 9-12   Grades 6-8
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Government and civics community values bell-ringer activity   Skills for "Doing" History Poster Collection
By Education with DocRunning   By MrRoughton
Grades 5-12   Grades 5-9
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Greek and Latin Root Words   Chevron "Ask Me" Tags for Classroom Management
By Stacy Mcneely   By 123 teach - Brittany Kiser
Grades 5-8   Grades 1-12
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