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Puzzles and Games in the High School ELA Classroom? Absolutely!
Puzzles and Games in the High School ELA Classroom? Absolutely!
"Puzzles and games can be particularly powerful in the ELA classroom because they allow students to approach words logically, mathematically, and visually," says Danielle of TpT store Nouvelle ELA.
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Help Your Students Retain Information
Help Your Students Retain Information
Math Giraffe is all about doodle notes. "When we can activate both the right (artsy) side of the brain and the left (logical) side of the brain at the same time, the two hemispheres communicate across the corpus callosum. Any time this happens, the brain is better able to remember the lesson material and focus in on the concepts."
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What to Do When You Get Senioritis
What to Do When You Get Senioritis
Senioritis doesn't just happen to students. Teachers can get it, too. If you're finding yourself overlooking organization or feeling less inclined to think outside the box, Julie Faulkner has fantastic ways to beat the senioritis bug and end the year strong.
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Amy   Jodi
Amy   Jodi
Amy   Jodi
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Mini Lessons for Reading Informational Texts in Middle School   Spanish Present Tense Verb Activities Roll and Write
By Just Add Students   By Debbie Wood
Grades 5-8   Grades 6-11
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Dividing Fractions {48 Questions Game} EDITABLE 6.NS.A.1 {Mixed Numbers also}   Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Investigation Activity
By MatheMatters by Jacquie   By History Gal
Grades 6-8   Grades 8-12
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Seller Spotlight
Travis Terry
Travis Terry
Longview, Texas
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The Card Sorts of Science Bundle includes 10 different card sorts that cover many aspects of middle school science. There are unique envelope cut-outs for each card sort, which allows students to store a set in their own journal. Class sets or one of each can also be made for stations. The Human Body Systems Activity combines all 11 human body systems in one foldable! This is essentially a guide to help students organize their notes on the body systems and to give them a high-quality illustration of each body system to help them remember each one.
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Bundle: Card Sorts of Science   Science Journal: Human Body Systems Research Activity
By Travis Terry  By Travis Terry
Grades 6-9   Grades 6-9
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10 Free Downloads
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Parts of Speech Posters: Grammar Comics   Academic Vocabulary SAMPLER
By David Rickert   By Rike Neville
Grades 4-9   Grades 9-11
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Order of Operation Bowling   Logic Puzzles: FREE logic puzzle sampler
By MathFileFolderGames   By Education with DocRunning
Grades 3-9   Grades 6-12
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Magazine Characterization Playwriting Scene Writing Acting Activity Project   COLD WAR The Berlin Blockade SOAPSTONE Primary Source Analysis Worksheet
By The World is Our Stage   By Chalk Dust Diva --- History - Social Science
Grades 3-12   Grades 8-11
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UNIT PLANNING TEMPLATE - Fully Editable in Google Docs!   Real-World Application - Free
By Trending Technology in Tennessee   By Selena Smith
Grades 4-12   Grades 7-12
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Kodaly Hand Signs Clip Art - Free   Kindness Quotes Task Cards
By 35 Corks Art Studio   By Juggling ELA
Not Grade Specific   Grades 4-12
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Best Sellers This Week
Science Station Lab Bundle - Differentiated Science Labs
Grades 5-9
Middle School MATH GROWING BUNDLE {Common Core}
Grades 6-8
High School Poetry Unit Plan, FOUR FULL WEEKS of Dynamic, Multimedia Lessons
Grades 8-11
8th Grade Math Common Core Bundle
Grades 7-9
Build A Tiny House! Project Based Learning Activity, A PBL
Grades 2-7
Grades 5-10
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