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Hands-on Solutions for Early Finishers
Hands-on Solutions for Early Finishers
"Instead of giving our kids more work, let's give them more meaningful work," says Brooke Brown, a Teacher-Author and gifted & talented educator. Check out these STEM bins that tap into a child's natural drive to play, explore, and engineer.
Bring on the bins
Explore the World of Folktales
Explore the World of Folktales
Take a look at this fun cartoon with your students to help them understand the various folktale genres as well as the differences between folktales and folklore. Amanda Write Now helps it all make sense!
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Resource Round-Up!
Resource Round-Up!
How will you celebrate your students as the school year draws to a close? Perhaps a game of Math Who with enrichment and extension questions included. Maybe you'll have them leave their mark with character education graffiti pennants. Discover more options here!
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Shaeera   Nicole
Shaeera   Nicole
Shaeera   Nicole
Sponsored Resources
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No Prep 1st Grade Math   End of Year Activities for Ages 8-13! (2nd Edition)
By Mama Pearson   By Pamela Moeai
Grades 1-2   Grades 3-6
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Communities Change Over Time: A Past and Present Unit   Road to the Revolution Mock Trials Project Based Learning Unit (Grades 4-8)
By Two Sharp Pencils   By Melissa O'Bryan - Wild About Fifth
Grades 2-4   Grades 4-8
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Seller Spotlight
Where the Magic Happens
Laura G.
North Carolina
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These two resources are dear to my heart because, though very different, they are both based on research, they're time savers, and they provide students with fun challenges. My Word Problems for 2nd Grade resource provides teachers with a wide range of word problems to model problem-solving strategies. They're a total win-win! And my Charlotte's Web Day resource is just about as fun and engaging as it gets. I created this resource because my students were so into the book, that I decided to add a full range of cross-curricular learning activities to celebrate such a masterpiece.
My Featured Resources
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Word Problems 2nd Grade 2.OA.A.1 2.NBT.B.5 2.NBT.B.7 FOR THE WHOLE YEAR   Charlotte's Web Day Let's Celebrate
By Where the Magic Happens   By Where the Magic Happens
Grade 2   Grades 1-3
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10 Free Downloads
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Sight Word Center: Free   FREEBIE! Commas Activity
By Clearly Primary   By Bring Lit On
Grades PreK-1   Grades 4-6
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Kindergarten, First & Second Grade Math Interactive Notebook: Measurement Sample   I Have It: Order of Operations - With Exponents - {FREE}
By Down River Resources   By Misty Miller
Grades K-2   Grades 5-8
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Freebie: Seasonal Writing Frames for K-1   Rock Cycle Concept Sort Center
By Sunshine and Lollipops   By Lynda R Williams
Grades K-1   Grades 3-5
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End-of-Year Classroom Autograph Book LITE   Brag Bracelets
By Two Front Doors   By Love Literacy
Grades 1-4   Grades PreK-6
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FREE Summer Lovin' Clipart {A Hughes Design}   FREE - summer Digital Clipart (color and black&white)
By Ashley Hughes - A Hughes Design   By DSart
Grades PreK-12   Grades PreK-12
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Math Stations and Centers The COMPLETE Set
Grades K-1
Editable Teacher Binder FREE Updates for Life - Teacher Planner & Organizer
Grades K-12
Guided Reading Lesson Plans A-Z EDITABLE
Grades K-6
STEM Challenge Bundle - Includes all 12 STEM challenges
Grades 5-9
Fidget Spinner STEM Challenge
Grades 3-6
END OF THE YEAR Activities: Fun & Fresh!
Grades 3-5
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