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Vol 430: Grades 6-12
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Primary Source Strategies
Primary Source Strategies
Peacefield History has developed some strategies to "trick" her students into reading and analyzing text. "The more I've introduced these strategies, the more I've seen my students engaged and involved," she says. "My classroom has become much more student-centered in recent years, and that makes me really happy."
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Make Conversions Make Sense
Make Conversions Make Sense
Check out this free video from Nicole's "Let's Rock the Test" on converting fractions, decimals, and percents. Discover mnemonic devices that will help your students work through this tricky math concept.
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Resource Round-Up!
Resource Round-Up!
Discover an introduction to physics PowerPoint, a periodic table scavenger hunt, a genetic code reference sheet, super-cool logic puzzles, and more. Keep your students engaged through these last weeks of the year!
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Amy   Jodi
Amy   Jodi
Amy   Jodi
Sponsored Resources
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Life Skills Homework Packets Month 1   Branches of Government Unit Bundle *Six Amazing Products!*
By For the Love of Life Skills   By Jenifer Bazzit
Grades 4-12   Grades 5-8
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Spanish Games and Activities   BUNDLE- High School Student Clip Art
By World Language Cafe   By Ever English Designs
Grades 3-12   Not Grade Specific
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Seller Spotlight
Apples and Bananas Education
Diane and Kelly
San Diego, California
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Our resources provide support for all types of learners by breaking concepts into their most meaningful parts. The minimum wage project gives high school students a MAJOR reality check. How easy (or hard) is it to live on minimum wage? Students find out and experience a true shift in their views on the "real world." Our Algebra note-taking bundle helps students access a variety of topics through scaffolded notes, foldable activities, and quick checks. Fluff-free, these note-taking materials can be used with any curriculum for great results.
Our Featured Resources
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Minimum Wage - Project   Algebra 1 Interactive Notebook Activities and Scaffolded Notes
By Apples and Bananas Education  By Apples and Bananas Education
Grades 9-12   Grades 7-10
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10 Free Downloads
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ELA Vocabulary Review U-Know Game for Literacy Centers   Figurative Language Reference Sheet
By Fun in 5th Grade   By Addie Williams
Grades 6-8   Grades 4-10
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The Name Game (Getting to Know the Periodic Table)   Counting Atoms for Interactive Notebooks
By Biology Roots   By Bond with James
Grades 7-12   Grades 7-11
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Middle Grades Math Sampler Freebie   Integers with Algebra Tiles Center Game
By Idea Galaxy   By Leaf and STEM Learning
Grades 5-8   Grades 6-7
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Civil War Draft Riots Primary Source Analysis FREEBIE   Campaign Finance Video Questions from Hip Hughes History
By A Social Studies Life   By Cullom Corner
Grades 6-8   Grades 9-12
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Learning Skills and Work Habits Student Self-Assessment Checklist   Create a Friend Project
By Teachingisagift   By Miss Senorita
Grades 4-8   Grades 6-10
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STEM Challenge Bundle - Includes all 12 STEM challenges
Grades 5-9
Algebra 1 Curriculum
Grades 7-12
Science Lesson Plans Bundle - 100+ Complete 5E Model Lesson Plans
Grades 5-10
Math 7 Curriculum
Grades 6-8
Geometry Curriculum
Grades 8-12
Algebra 2 Curriculum
Grades 9-12
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