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How to Survive a Squirrel Outside Your Window (and Other Teacher Tricks)
How to Survive a Squirrel Outside Your Window (and Other Teacher Tricks)
As the school year comes to an end, how do you ensure learning is still happening when even the smallest distraction can turn a lesson on its head? "The key is to make what's going on inside your classroom more engaging than anything happening outside the window," says Emily of TpT store Read It. Write It. Learn It.
Here's how to do that
Create an Escape Room Your Students Will Love!
Create an Escape Room Your Students Will Love!
After her own outstanding escape room adventure, Teacher-Author Darlene Anne became determined to create an escape room experience for her students. Here's the amazing result.
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A Solution for Forgotten Pencils
A Solution for Forgotten Pencils
Teacher-Author Math Dyal was tired of her students frequently forgetting their pencils. Then one day she came up with a "free upgrades" idea. See why this is a solution where everybody wins... and everybody gets a pencil.
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Amy   Jodi
Amy   Jodi
Amy   Jodi
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End of Year Review - 6th Grade Math Games   Learn to Read Music with the Ukulele - Unit 1: Whole Notes & Whole Rests
By Sheila Cantonwine   By Bernadette Teaches Music
Grade 6   Not Grade Specific
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Student ♥ Engagement Bundle of Language Arts Lessons for Middle and High School   Reader's Theater Performance "Everyman" Script + Lessons Middle & High School
By Teaching and Motivating Teens   By Teaching and Motivating Teens
Grades 7-10   Grades 8-11
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Seller Spotlight
The Rhetor's Toolbox
Kelly Bakersky
Visit my store!
To teach rhetoric is to teach analysis, critical thinking, and effective persuasion. I use the rhetorical analysis writing portfolio to teach and assess students' ability to identify and analyze the qualities of effective rhetoric. Once they've mastered analysis, they can move on to crafting their own argumentative writing using assertion journals. These bite-sized arguments are perfect for teaching and assessing specific skills. Both of these resources help students build faculty and confidence in the art of persuasion. It's so important for students to understand that everything's an argument: they must be able to see how others are trying to persuade them.
My Featured Resources
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Assertion Journal BUNDLE: A Year of Quotations for Analysis and Response   AP Language and Composition Rhetorical Analysis Writing Portfolio
By The Rhetor's Toolbox  By The Rhetor's Toolbox
Grades 9-12   Grades 10-12
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10 Free Downloads
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Free Revising and Editing Task Cards   Retelling Timeline (Reading Comprehension)
By Rosie's Resources   By Galarious Goods
Grades 4-7   Grades 5-8
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Adaptations and Natural Selection Task Cards   I Have, Whooo Has Chemistry Review Activity
By The Science Duo   By Science Teaching Junkie Inc
Grades 6-9   Grades 6-10
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A, B, C's of Number Tiles - 26 Problem Solving Math Activities - FREE Version   Rapid Calculations SINGLE SET: Mental Math Practice
By Scipi - Science and Math   By Teach 4 the Heart
Grades 4-7   Grades 3-10
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Informational Text: The American Search for Utopia: Free (CCSS Aligned)   Being a Juror for Government and Civics Classes
By Margaret Whisnant   By Room 311
Grades 6-9   Grades 9-12
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Drawing Lesson Freebie   *Free Download* Epic Hero Poster for Your Classroom
By One Bright Crayon   By Storyboard That
Grades 3-10   Grades 8-12
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STEM Challenge Bundle - Includes all 12 STEM Activities
Grades 5-9
Algebra 1 Curriculum
Grades 7-12
Grades 4-12
Build A Tiny House! Project Based Learning Activity, A PBL
Grades 2-7
End of The Year Activities - Middle / High School Students
Grades 5-9
End of the Year Activity, Clue Mystery Game for the Whole Class
Grades 3-7
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