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10 Tips and Resources to End the School Year Strong
10 Tips and Resources to End the School Year Strong
A group of terrific Teacher-Authors recently shared tips and resources for finishing the school year strong. Take a look, and consider bringing some of these ideas into your classroom before school's out (or hold onto them for next year!).
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The Key to Effective Feedback
The Key to Effective Feedback
Providing students with feedback is so important for their growth. Check out Primary Cornerstone's free video to learn what feedback is, what it isn't, and how to give the most impactful feedback to your students.
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Resource Round-Up!
Resource Round-Up!
Monkey around with some terrific clip art, help kids practice their editorial skills, and make important connections through dance. Check out all the fun in this week's resource round-up!
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Shaeera   Nicole
Shaeera   Nicole
Shaeera   Nicole
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Kindergarten Addition and Subtraction (K.OA.1; K.OA.2; K.OA.5)   Natural Disasters BUNDLE of Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, & Hurricanes
By Sweet Sensations   By GravoisFare
Grades PreK-1   Grades 4-8
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Consumers and Producers ~ Economics for 1st and 2nd Grades   Yes/No Questions Mega Bundle!
By The Fun Factory   By Allie Szczecinski with Miss Behavior
Grades 1-2   Grades PreK-5
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Seller Spotlight
Hadasa Designs
Hadasa Designs
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We inspire teachers with hand-drawn clip art to create engaging materials for their kids. As teachers, we have the privilege and responsibility to influence future generations. That is why incorporating clip art that includes children of different races, genders, religions, and disabilities in our worksheets and other classroom materials is vital. Seeing clip art of kids similar to themselves helps kids feel valued. Clip art that highlights people different than themselves allows students to break down barriers and connect with each other. We want our clip art to help teachers motivate their students to set good examples and benefit their communities with compassion.
Our Featured Resources
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Hadasa Designs: Differently Abled Kids clip art - Combo Pack   Hadasa Designs: Bessie Coleman Clip Art - COMBO PACK
By Hadasa Designs  By Hadasa Designs
Not Grade Specific   Grades PreK-12
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10 Free Downloads
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Interactive Read Aloud Free Sample Pack   Wonder Novel Study Unit: FREE Sample
By Pawsitively Teaching   By Nothing but Class
Grades K-4   Grades 3-6
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Freebie! Building Number Sense in Kindergarten: Fun and Games with Numbers 5 & 6   Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers {FREEBIE}
By Lab and Library   By Loving Math
Grades PreK-K   Grades 4-6
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Butterfly Lifecycle Sequencing Freebie   Endangered Animals: Integrated Science and Writing Task Cards
By Victoria Saied   By Vickie Fanning
Grades PreK-1   Grades 3-6
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Kindergarten Letter & Sound Assessment Binder for Progress Monitoring   End of the year student and parent surveys
By Mrs Kinderhearted   By Hookster's Ideas
Grades PreK-1   Grades PreK-12
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Digital Clipart - Summer Bunting   FREE Father's Day Clip Art Set - Chirp Graphics
By RedPepper   By Chirp Graphics
Grades PreK-1   Not Grade Specific
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Editable Teacher Binder FREE Updates for Life - Teacher Planner & Organizer
Grades K-12
END OF THE YEAR Activities: Fun & Fresh!
Grades 3-5
End of the Year Awards
Grades K-8
Guided Reading Lesson Plans A-Z EDITABLE
Grades K-6
Summer Bucket List Flap Book End of the Year Writing Craftivity
Grades 1-5
STEM Bins™
Grades PreK-5
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