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What My Students Taught Me About Why We Study History
What My Students Taught Me About Why We Study History
"At the close of last year, I asked my students why we study history (hoping they'd found at least some value in history after a year in my class)," says Education with DocRunning. "Much to my delight, they were full of opinions."
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All About 3-D Paper Dissection Models
All About 3-D Paper Dissection Models
What happens when your school budget won't allow for enough dissection specimen, or you have a student who refuses to participate in dissection for personal reasons? What do you do when a student misses an entire week of school and it just happens to be the week of dissection?
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The Magic of Mailing Labels
The Magic of Mailing Labels
Kovescence of the Mind used to spend hours grading her students' notebooks. Now she's able to complete her grading in just a fraction of the time. Her secret? Mailing labels. Learn how to make them work wonders for you, too!
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Amy   Jodi
Amy   Jodi
Amy   Jodi
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Escape Room - Team Building - Any Content - Back to School   Its a Gas Lab Activity: Kinetic Molecular Theory and Gas Laws
By Taylor Teaches 7th   By Surviving Science
Grades 5-9   Grades 8-12
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Infographic Creative Syllabus Templates   Odyssey Bundle: Blog, Gallery Walk, and Resume Activities for Literary Analysis
By The Teal Paperclip   By Chris Gilbert
Grades 4-12   Grades 9-12
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EB Academic Camps by Caitlin and Jessica
Caitlin and Jessica
San Francisco, CA
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Do you struggle to teach writing effectively? How about teaching reading and writing together as many states now use Common Core State Standards? As veteran English Language Arts teachers and coaches, one of our favorite things to do is create units for our classrooms that seamlessly tie reading and writing together. Over the years, we've found tried and true ways to effectively teach argumentative writing, responses to literature, reading comprehension, and so much more! What we love about these two specific resources is that they can be used on a consistent basis throughout the school year and can easily make a HUGE difference in your ELA curriculum.
Our Featured Resources
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60 Weekly Writing Prompts for Middle School {Paragraph of the Week}   Evidence Graphic Organizer
By EB Academic Camps by Caitlin and Jessica  By EB Academic Camps by Caitlin and Jessica
Grades 6-8   Grades 5-8
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10 Free Downloads
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Bridge to Terabithia Free Quiz   Daily Record Keeper Grades 5-12
By A - PLUS Literature Guides   By Hands on Reading
Grades 5-8   Grades 5-12
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Note Card Sampler with Images from a Scanning Electron Microscope   Lab Safety Assessment
By Tiny Worlds   By Make Them Think
Grades 2-12   Grades 6-12
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Graph Story Book Project 8.F.4 and 8.F.5   Parallelogram Properties Interactive Worksheet, Free
By Math in the Midwest   By Rise over Run
Grades 6-9   Grades 9-12
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Ukulele Club Application & Instrument Checkout Form   Zero Prep Spanish Novel Projects - Mini Bundle #1
By Bernadette Teaches Music   By Spanish Jones' Resources for YOU
Not Grade Specific   Grades 6-12
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BACK TO SCHOOL Forms for special education   Comic book clipart freebie
By School Bells N Whistles   By ThinkingCaterpillars
Not Grade Specific   Not Grade Specific
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Science Lesson Plans Bundle - 100+ Complete 5E Model Lesson Plans
Grades 5-10
Science Warm Ups and Bell Ringers - Full Year Resource
Grades 5-9
Algebra 1 Curriculum
Grades 7-12
Geometry Curriculum
Grades 8-12
Algebra 2 Curriculum
Grades 9-12
Biology Curriculum - Full Year BUNDLE
Grades 9-12
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