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7 Spooky Short Stories to Teach Around Halloween
7 Spooky Short Stories to Teach Around Halloween
Presto Plans loves exploring spooky short stories with her students. "The suspense, the twists and turns in the plot lines, and the sinister characters always seem to draw students in." These creepy tales can be used any time of year, and they're fantastic tools for teaching characterization, foreshadowing, and more.
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All About Habits
All About Habits
This free video from How I Decide shows middle and high schoolers the importance of creating and nurturing positive habits. Don't forget to download the supporting document to help students brainstorm about which habits to keep and which to break.
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Resource Round-Up!
Resource Round-Up!
This week's resource round-up includes science writing prompts, interactive notebooks, historical thinking task cards, and so much more. Take a closer look, and see which resources are free!
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Melissa   Jodi
Melissa   Jodi
Melissa   Jodi
Sponsored Resources
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By Darlene Anne   By TeachingWise
Grades 6-8   Grades 7-12
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Algebra Interactive Notebook   High School Biology Homework Worksheets for the Whole Year
By Math in Demand   By Science With Mrs Lau
Grades 8-12   Grades 9-12
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Seller Spotlight
Sara Nelson
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One of the hallmarks of my teaching practice is developing carefully crafted units that are engaging, accessible, rigorous, and incorporate lots of practice with text-based writing. Both of these resources carefully guide students through a text with a focus on a specific skill, culminating in a writing task. The resource on Poe allows students to move through the room in stations while practicing objective summary of non-fiction texts. The resource for "All Summer In A Day" provides a deep dive into that text with a focus on citing evidence to support responses. All of the resources in my shop are classroom-tested and have been designed to reflect what years of experience has taught me best helps middle and early high school students engage with texts and learn from them.
My Featured Resources
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Edgar Allan Poe Biography Stations (Reading Comprehension and Objective Summary)   All Summer In A Day Complete Unit (Comprehension and Literary Analysis)
By GritGrindTeach  By GritGrindTeach
Grades 7-9   Grades 6-8
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10 Free Downloads
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Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Puzzle   FREE Trigonometric Ratios SOHCAHTOA Math Doodle Notes
By Free to Discover   By STEMthinking
Grades 7-10   Grades 8-11
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Daily Reading: Context Clues Week 1   Mammals of the Tundra FREE Activity
By Read Write Middle   By Science Island
Grades 6-9   Grades 6-10
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Literature Fiction Exit Slips FREEBIE   Form: Crossword puzzle template
By Let's Get Literature   By The Comprehensible Classroom by Martina Bex
Grades 8-11   Grades 6-12
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North American Biomes Cross-curricular Project-- Science and Social Studies   Saber vs Conocer Practice Worksheet with Teacher Key
By Make Them Think   By LaProfesoraFrida The Stress Free Spanish Teacher
Grades 6-12   Grades 7-12
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Slime Clip Art {FREEBIE}   Free Science Clipart
By Sarah Pecorino Illustration   By Bell Ink Designs
Not Grade Specific   Grades 7-12
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Science Lesson Plans Bundle - 100+ Complete 5E Model Lesson Plans
Grades 5-10
Algebra 1 Curriculum
Grades 7-12
2018 AJHD Super Quiz Study Guides and Super Quiz Practice Tests Bundle
Grades 6-8
Biology Curriculum - Full Year BUNDLE
Grades 9-12
Pre-Algebra Curriculum
Grades 7-9
Geometry Curriculum
Grades 8-12
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