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Vol 468: Grades 6-12
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Across the Oceans, Into the Classroom
Across the Oceans, Into the Classroom
Teacher-Author Addie Williams has found incredible ways to use her love of traveling and The Great Outdoors to bring richness and authenticity to her science, social studies, and ELA lessons. How cool is that?!
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Help Your Students Retain Information
Help Your Students Retain Information
Math Giraffe is all about doodle notes. "When we can activate both the right (artsy) side of the brain and the left (logical) side of the brain at the same time, the two hemispheres communicate across the corpus callosum. Any time this happens, the brain is better able to remember the lesson material and focus in on the concepts."
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Fun on Facebook
Fun on Facebook
We asked educators to finish the following sentence: "I never enter the classroom without..." Check out some of the responses (a few are downright hilarious), and then go ahead and add your own.
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Melissa   Jodi
Melissa   Jodi
Melissa   Jodi
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Linear Equations Interactive Notebook Pages (15)   Graphic Organizer Multi-Pack
By 4 the Love of Math   By Cult of Pedagogy
Grades 7-10   Grades 6-12
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French Passé composé notes and activities packet   Goal-Setting Unit & Posters: Curing “Procrastinitis” and Student Diseases
By Mme R's French Resources   By Secondary Sara
Grades 7-10   Not Grade Specific
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Seller Spotlight
Scaffolded Math and Science
Shana McKay
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Our classroom word wall has completely changed my teaching. It allows me to quickly point to reminders and examples, such as what the x value will be at a y-intercept or what a polynomial bounce looks like. When students have questions, they have constant access to the support, which increases confidence. As a Special Education Algebra 2 teacher, I've found that my students struggle with the basics, which also knocks their confidence. This "Integer Operations Manipulative" lets students "see" negative numbers and helps them solve equations where integers are added and subtracted from both sides.
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8th Grade Math Word Wall   Integer Operations Manipulative
By Scaffolded Math and Science  By Scaffolded Math and Science
Grade 8   Grades 6-8
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10 Free Downloads
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Characterization Practice Sheets - 3 Handouts on Direct & Indirect Methods   Free Impromptu Speaking Activity
By The Literary Maven   By Language Arts Classroom
Grades 6-9   Grades 8-12
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Interactive Math Notebook - Standard Algorithms of Operations   Function Or Not - Mapping Diagram - Domain & Range Practice
By The Illustrated Classroom   By Math of the South by Kristina Caldwell
Grades 6-8   Grades 8-9
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Puzzling! A Hands-On Look at the Scientific Method   Chemical Reactions with a Focus on Particle Size
By I Heart Teaching Science   By The Magnolia Loft
Grades 7-11   Grades 6-12
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General High School Sub Plan Template   College & Career Readiness Mindsets Bulletin Board Freebie Sample
By Mis Clases Locas   By College Counselor Traci
Grades 7-12   Not Grade Specific
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Cute Composition Book Clipart   Magnifying Glasses
By Violet Tabitha   By Just Draw
Grades PreK-12   Grades PreK-12
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Geometry Curriculum
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Algebra 1 Curriculum
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8th Grade Math Common Core Bundle
Grades 7-9
Algebra 2 Curriculum
Grades 9-12
6th Grade Math Common Core Bundle
Grades 5-7
Editable Teacher Binder FREE Updates for Life - Teacher Planner & Organizer
Grades K-12
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