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Vol 471: Grades PreK-5
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11 Classroom Hacks You Can Use Tomorrow
11 Classroom Hacks You Can Use Tomorrow
"Classroom hacks make me so dang happy because they’re efficient and make sense," says Kristen of Easy Teaching Tools. Warning: You just might fall in love with these easy-to-implement ideas.
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Sight Words for the Season
Sight Words for the Season
Looking for some fun sight word practice to do before Thanksgiving? Take a look at this video from Teaching with Ms Toni to help your students master 50 kindergarten sight words just in time for the holiday.
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Ancient Mesopotamia STEM Challenges
Ancient Mesopotamia STEM Challenges
"Ancient Civilizations has to be my favorite curriculum to teach," says Suzanne of StudentSavvy. "I could probably spend the whole year just focusing on Egypt alone." See some of her awesome and interactive lesson ideas.
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Shaeera   Jodi
Shaeera   Jodi
Shaeera   Jodi
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Highlight it!: Bundle   Opinion Writing Unit
By Clearly Primary   By Not So Wimpy Teacher
Grades PreK-1   Grades 2-4
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Graphing Worksheets and Activities   Literature Circles for Middle School
By The Teaching Rabbit   By Middle School Cafe
Grades 1-3   Grades 5-8
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The Delighted Teacher
The Delighted Teacher
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I believe that teachers have the unique opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of children... so make EVERY DAY count! I believe all students can and will succeed in a well-organized, "happy" classroom in which the teacher is positive, encouraging, motivating, and has high (yet reasonable) expectations. I believe all students learn in different ways and it is our job to find what works best! Using a variety of instructional methods and strategies is essential in taking students from where they are to where they need to go... and BEYOND. It is my hope that my TpT materials will help you along the way as you make a difference for the students within your influence!
My Featured Resources
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Solve It! {Steps for Solving Story Problems} EDITABLE Bulletin Board Bundle   Class Auction Bundle
By The Delighted Teacher  By The Delighted Teacher
Grades K-5   Grades 1-5
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10 Free Downloads
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Sight Words: Roll, Read, and Color: Rainy Day; F&P High Frequency Words 1-25   Scoot: Plural Nouns
By Kinders in NY   By Almost Friday
Grades PreK-1   Grades 1-3
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Flower Clock Freebie   Winter Math Find Someone Who {free}
By Miss Abernethy's Schoolhouse LLC   By Misty Miller
Grades PreK-3   Grades 5-7
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STEM Makerspace Activities FREEBIE   Parts of Ecosystems Vocabulary Puzzles
By Enriching Young Minds and Hearts   By Two Teaching Taylors
Grades K-3   Grades 3-5
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Punctuation Posters For Student Writing Folders   Accountable Talk Partner Card Freebie
By Lindsey's Classroom Creations   By Teaching in the Heart of Florida
Grades K-5   Grades 2-4
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Free Winter Clip Art   A Touch Of Winter Clip Art Bundle {Educlips Clipart}
By Whimsy Clips   By Educlips
Grades PreK-2   Grades PreK-5
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Spelling Activities | NO PREP | Use with any list!
Grades 1-3
BASIC Math Centers Bundle
Grades K-1
Counting Stews and Brews - All Year Long for Preschool, Pre-K, & Kindergarten
Grades PreK-K
Upper Level Vocabulary: Guided Worksheets + Assessment for Speech Therapy
Grades 4-8
Comprehension Construction for K-3rd {Hands-on Guided Reading}
Grades K-3
Speech Therapy Articulation Cards Bundled
Grades K-4
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