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5 Ways to Ensure Student Engagement
5 Ways to Ensure Student Engagement
Shelley Gray says, "Magic can happen when students are highly engaged. They are curious. They are interested. They are driven to do their best work." Get her top five tips for student engagement, and learn how to implement these ideas right away.
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A Magnificent Multiplication Strategy
A Magnificent Multiplication Strategy
Do your students need help reinforcing their multiplication skills? Check out this free video from Mercedes Hutchens for an engaging way to teach or reinforce 4x multiplication.
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Have Fun with Fluency!
Have Fun with Fluency!
Teacher-Author Princess Netherly says fluency is one of her favorite things to teach. Why? "Because it's so easy to make exciting and differentiated for all your students!"
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Shaeera   Jodi
Shaeera   Jodi
Shaeera   Jodi
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Sight Word Activity Strips BUNDLE!   Equivalent Fractions Task Cards Hands On
By Inspired Elementary   By Leah Popinski
Grades PreK-2   Grades 3-5
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Sequencing Pictures Cards   Data Notebook for Upper Elementary Students Grades 3-6 (All Subjects)
By Adventures in Kinder and Beyond   By The Merry Mathematician
Grades K-2   Grades 3-6
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Seller Spotlight
Sarah Wu - Speech is Beautiful
Sarah Wu - Speech is Beautiful
Chicago, IL
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Teaching sequencing helps students retell and use story grammar vocabulary. This mega pack emphasizes functional skills and things kids do every day! I also work on speech sounds in Spanish because I'm a bilingual Speech Language Pathologist. I couldn't find the Spanish speech therapy materials I needed so I had to create my own!
My Featured Resources
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Sequences Mega Pack - 50 Pgs of NO PREP Functional Stories   Spanish Articulation Cards & Games -- NO PREP {BUNDLE}
By Sarah Wu - Speech is Beautiful   By Sarah Wu - Speech is Beautiful
Grades K-3   Grades PreK-1
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10 Free Downloads
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Winter January Activities   Free Opinion Would You Rather Task Cards
By The Joyful Journey   By A World of Language Learners
Grades PreK-1   Grades 2-5
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Making Ten Snow Globe   Donut Shop Decimal Problem Solving
By Katie Roltgen   By Let's be Franco
Grades K-1   Grades 4-6
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Freebie! What Dissolves? Science Experiment for Kids   Maker Space FREE Guide to Getting Started
By Science for Kids by Sue Cahalane   By Rainbow City Learning
Grades K-2   Grades 4-6
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New Year's Certificates and Tags Editable   2018 New Year Grid Mystery Picture
By Planet Happy Smiles   By TchrBrowne
Grades PreK-2   Grades 1-5
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Crayon Doodle Borders Bundle - (Set of 8)   FREE Valentine Coloring Pages {Made by Creative Clips Clipart}
By Hello Literacy   By Krista Wallden - Creative Clips
Grades PreK-5   Grades PreK-12
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Best Sellers This Week
Weekly Grammar and Language Activities: Unit 2 BUNDLE
Grades 2-4
Weekly Grammar and Language Activities: Unit One BUNDLE
Grades 2-3
Weekly Grammar and Language Activities: Unit 3 Bundle
Grades 3-4
KinderReaders BUNDLED Fiction Levels NR, AA, A, B, C, D *ENGLISH AND SPANISH*
Grades PreK-K
Editable Teacher Binder FREE Updates for Life - Teacher Planner & Organizer
Grades K-12
Reading Comprehension Units for Mastery- Bundle!
Grades 2-6
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