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The Benefits of Daily Spiral Review
The Benefits of Daily Spiral Review
"I can vividly remember the spring of my first year teaching," says Melissa of TpT store Teacher Thrive. "A very well-intended colleague put a stack of review packets into my mailbox since testing season was just a few weeks away. I flipped through the pages with confidence and satisfaction as I thought to myself, 'My kids know all of this!' Well, so I had thought."
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TpT for Schools Helps Teachers Reach All Learners
TpT for Schools Helps Teachers Reach All Learners
Irene Yuska, Principal at Elim Christian Elementary, joined TpT for Schools to help equip her teachers with the individualized learning materials needed at their K-12 special education campus. Hear from her and others about why TpT for Schools works.
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The Best Notes from Students to Teachers
The Best Notes from Students to Teachers
We compiled some of our favorite notes from students to teachers to remind you that you are a hero to someone, you are loved, and you have one of the most important jobs in the world. Thank you for all that you do.
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Happy Teaching!
Shaeera   Jodi
Shaeera   Jodi
Shaeera   Jodi
Sponsored Resources
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Sight Word Centers   Black History Month Activities: Reading Passages and Writing Activities
By Second Grade Smiles   By A Classroom for All Seasons
Grades K-2   Grades 3-5
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Dental Health Writing Center   Five Paragraph Essay Instructional Unit
By Pocketful of Centers   By Jenifer Bazzit
Grades PreK-1   Grades 5-6
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Seller Spotlight
Janet Ecochardt
Visit my store!
There is so little time for fun in school these days. But that doesn't mean learning has to be dry and boring! I love creating resources that motivate reluctant learners by adding a bit of excitement. My "Just the Facts, Ma'am" Literacy Center challenges students to become detectives. Each mystery can be solved by finding facts and eliminating opinions. STEM projects are another way to make learning fun. My "Great Big Bundle of STEM Challenges" engages kids through exciting storylines. Completing the challenges will help save a stranded sailor, a group of arctic explorers, and a pioneer family traveling west.
My Featured Resources
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Fact and Opinion Activities Literacy Center   Great Big Bundle of STEM Challenges - 15 Themed STEM Activities
By Fishyrobb  By Fishyrobb
Grades 2-4   Grades 4-7
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10 Free Downloads
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Roll and Read [CVC] FREEBIE   Cause and Effect Text Structure: Paragraph Analysis with Graphic Organizer
By Sunshine and Second Grade   By Intelligent Instruction
Grades K-3   Grades 3-6
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Ten Frame War Cards (A Number Sense Game)   Valentine's Day Fraction Worksheets and Activities FREEBIE
By Primary Delight   By Spivey Sparks
Grades K-1   Grades 3-4
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Presidents' Day FREEBIE: Two Great Presidents   Black History Month FREEBIE
By Miss Hellen's Hippos   By Little School on the Range
Grades PreK-1   Grades 1-5
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Penguin Art Project- Cut & Paste   Cursive Handwriting Practice FREEBIE
By Meghan Snable   By Teaching is a Work of Art
Grades K-2   Grades 2-5
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Polar Bear Free Clipart   Cupcake Clip Art FREEBIE
By Victoria Saied   By ChalkStar
Grades PreK-5   Grades PreK-12
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Growth Mindset Bundle
Grades 2-5
2nd Grade Math Centers Bundle | Valentine's Day Activities Included
Grade 2
Editable Teacher Binder FREE Updates for Life - Teacher Planner & Organizer
Grades K-12
100th Day of School
Grades PreK-1
Reading Skill of the Day Weekly Journal
Grades 3-5
100th Day of School Activities - No Prep Crafts and More (100 Days of School)
Grades K-2
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