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Puzzles and Games in the High School ELA Classroom? Absolutely!
Puzzles and Games in the High School ELA Classroom? Absolutely!
"Puzzles and games can be particularly powerful in the ELA classroom because they allow students to approach words logically, mathematically, and visually," says Danielle of TpT store Nouvelle ELA.
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Here's How to Tell Your Administrator About TpT for Schools!
Here's How to Tell Your Administrator About TpT for Schools!
When your administrator signs up for TpT for Schools, you'll be able to request TpT resources to be paid for with school funds! Simply use this email form to reach out to your colleague in charge of purchasing. Registration is completely free and only takes a few minutes!
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Make Test Prep Fun!
Make Test Prep Fun!
Andrea of TpT store History Gal wanted a fun way to alleviate some of her students' stress associated with test prep. So she created this awesome game. (Bonus: It works for all subjects — not just history!).
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Melissa   Jodi
Melissa   Jodi
Melissa   Jodi
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Slope-Intercept Form   Julius Caesar Activity Bundle
By Math in Demand   By English Bulldog
Grades 6-9   Grades 9-12
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American Revolution Bundle, US Revolutionary War   Escritura Persuasiva Ethos Pathos Logos Spanish Persuasive Writing Strategies
By Heather LeBlanc - Brainy Apples   By La Misi de Espanol
Grades 7-11   Grades 7-10
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Seller Spotlight
Ms Fuller's Teaching Adventures
Ms Fuller's Teaching Adventures
Cleveland, OH
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I'm a former 7-12 English teacher turned college professor. My products either prepare students for the rigor of college or can be used in the college or dual enrollment classroom. My research bundle was designed for freshmen college students, but has options within it that can be used in any 7-12 class doing research. The poetry bundle was designed with a 9th or 10th grade class in mind. However, it includes poems that are appropriate for middle school and upperclassmen too, making it perfect for teachers with a wide range of abilities in their classroom. Differentiation is key; this bundle allows teachers to easily provide remediation or extension assignments to students.
My Featured Resources
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Research Paper Bundle of Lessons   Close Reading Poetry Bundle for Middle and High School
By Ms Fuller's Teaching Adventures  By Ms Fuller's Teaching Adventures
Grades 9-12   Grades 6-12
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10 Free Downloads
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Absolute Value and Opposite Numbers Interactive Notebook Set {FREEBIE}   Graphing Exponential Functions Cheat Sheet
By Leaf and STEM Learning   By Scaffolded Math and Science
Grade 6   Grades 9-11
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FREE Reading Passage: 1966 Texas Western College Basketball Team (Grades 5-6)   FREE LITERARY TERMS BOOKMARKS
By Keith Geswein   By Presto Plans
Grades 5-6   Grades 6-12
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Kaboom! Game   Free World War 2 Battle Project
By Social Studies Success   By Leah Cleary
Grades 5-9   Grades 7-12
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French verbs ĂȘtre, avoir, faire, and aller - present tense   Domino Game - Spanish Months, Days, and Seasons Vocabulary
By Mme R's French Resources   By Senorita Creativa
Grades 6-9   Grades 7-12
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Coordinate Planes   Free Superhero Clipart - Bolt clip art
By Free to Discover   By DarraKadisha
Grades PreK-12   Not Grade Specific
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Best Sellers This Week
Algebra 1 Curriculum
Grades 7-12
Figurative Language: Idioms, Similes, Metaphors, Hyperbole, Alliterations, etc.
Grades 3-6
ELA Test Prep Nonfiction Reading Escape Room Activity
Grades 7-11
Daily Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions for ELA Test Prep
Grades 6-8
High School Poetry Unit Plan, FOUR FULL WEEKS of Dynamic, Multimedia Lessons
Grades 8-11
Build A Tiny House! Project Based Learning Activity, A PBL
Grades 2-7
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