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8 Heartwarming Teacher Stories Worth Celebrating
8 Heartwarming Teacher Stories Worth Celebrating
In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, we asked educators in the TpT community to look back on some of the standout moments in their careers. Here are some of the highlights.
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3 Tips for Using Number Lines to Teach Fractions
3 Tips for Using Number Lines to Teach Fractions
"Number lines are great tools because both whole numbers and fractions live on them," explains Greg of TpT store Mr Elementary Math. "However, students often don't think of fractions as numbers, making it challenging for them to understand."
How to change that
Resource Round-Up!
Resource Round-Up!

Looking for interactive resources? Maybe you'd love some fun ways to recognize your students' hard work this year. In this week's round-up, you'll find classroom culture amping bundles, multi-sensory math activities, pineapple-themed student awards, and so much more.

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Shaeera   Jodi
Shaeera   Jodi
Shaeera   Jodi
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Read-Its™ Trifolds PHONICS EDITION   Social Skill Focus Sheets-Visuals for Social Skill Development & Self-Reflection
By Simply Skilled in Second   By Speechy Musings
Grades 1-3   Grades 2-9
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Interactive Calendar and Calendar Mat ( for the Special Needs Classroom )   Reading Response Pages: "Top 3 Lists" Edition (Half-Page Format)
By Mrs Ds Corner   By Michael Friermood
Grades PreK-6   Grades 2-5
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Seller Spotlight
Miss P's Style
Megan Polk
Houston, TX
Visit my store!
When teaching reading and writing, I constantly think about practicality and functionality. I believe in creating interactive and hands-on resources that allow students to feel independent and take ownership of their learning. My Reading Response Stems and Starters will allow students to gain independence when writing about their reading. My Reading Graphic Organizers allow many opportunities for students to interact and connect with reading skills for fiction and nonfiction texts by using sticky notes! I strive to make literacy engaging and achievable for all learners.
My Featured Resources
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Reading Response Sentence Stems and Starters   Reading Graphic Organizers
By Miss P's Style  By Miss P's Style
Grades 2-5   Grades 2-5
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10 Free Downloads
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Guided Reading Freebie for Grades 1-5 Cheat Sheet   Free Informational Text Structure Organizers for Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade
By Hello Mrs Sykes - Jen Sykes   By Brenda Kovich
Grades K-5   Grades 4-5
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Solve It Strips: Mental Math Puzzles Freebie!   FREEBIE Modeling Equality (Properties of Equality)
By Inspired Elementary   By Smith Curriculum and Consulting
Grades K-3   Grades 4-8
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Editable Name Practice Rainbows   Science Process Skills Mini Lesson: Communicate
By Stay Classy Classrooms   By jisforjennifer
Grades PreK-K   Grades 2-4
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Choose Kindness: A Reader for Young Students in Kindergarten & First Grade   End of the Year Reflection Activity ~ Freebie
By Class of Kinders   By Rosie's Superstars
Grades K-1   Grades 2-4
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Lunch Clip Art   School Supplies Clipart Set
By Empty Jar Illustrations   By Zoomer Graphics
Grades PreK-12   Not Grade Specific
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Best Sellers This Week
2nd Grade Spiral Math Review | 2nd Grade Morning Work |2nd Grade Homework
Grade 2
Editable Teacher Binder FREE Updates for Life - Digital Teacher Planner Included
Grades K-12
Build A Tiny House! Project Based Learning Activity, A PBL
Grades 2-7
First Grade Math Unit 17 Geometry 2D and 3D Shapes
Grades K-2
Growth Mindset Bundle
Not Grade Specific
Life Cycle of Plants (20 Activities, Labs, Printables & Foldable Flower Book)
Grades 1-3
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