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Books That Celebrate Asian Cultures
Books That Celebrate Asian Cultures
"Growing up in the public school system in the 90’s, I was not exposed to much literature about my culture," says Teacher-Author Happy Days in First Grade. "When I became a teacher and did some research on my own, I realized how much children's literature celebrating Asian cultures really is out there!"
10 of her favorites
Explore the Butterfly Life Cycle With Your Students!
Explore the Butterfly Life Cycle With Your Students!
Caterpillars and butterflies and metamorphosis, oh my! Linda Kamp's kiddos went hands-on as they learned about the life cycle, metamorphosis, pollination, and more. So much fun!
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Resource Round-Up!
Resource Round-Up!
This week, you'll find resoures to help students engage with music, strengthen their social skils, practice reading & writing, and much more. So many terrific resources to choose from — and half of them are free!
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Shaeera   Jodi
Shaeera   Jodi
Shaeera   Jodi
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Logic Puzzles Critical Thinking Activities   American Revolution Lapbook
By Mrs Thompson's Treasures   By Cait's Cool School
Grades 1-3   Grades 4-6
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Interactive Read Aloud Lessons For The Year!   Simple Dry Erase: WH Questions for Special Education
By Susan Jones   By Simply Special Ed
Grades K-2   Grades PreK-8
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Seller Spotlight
MM Bilingual
Hilda from M&M Bilingual
Visit my store!
Education is my passion, but I know the challenge it can be to find high quality materials to meet the demanding needs of a bilingual classroom. I focus on creating effective bilingual activities in which students are engaged and immersed in their learning and language development. These Grammar Centers in Spanish are a perfect, ready to print resource with cards and activities you can use in learning centers or even edit to meet your specific need. The Comprehension Skills Bundle in Spanish focuses on mastering reading skills with engaging definitions, examples, question stems, and interactive graphic organizers.
My Featured Resources
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Grammar Centers BUNDLE {Spanish}   Comprehension Skills Flipbooks BUNDLE {SPANISH}
By MM Bilingual  By MM Bilingual
Grades 1-5   Grades 2-5
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10 Free Downloads
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Spring Spin, Spot, and Dot Sight Words Bingo Dauber Activities FREEBIE   [DIGITAL CLASSROOM] Paired Texts Passages: Epidemics and Germs Grades 4-8
By Simply SMARTER by Laurie Dyer   By ideas by jivey
Grades PreK-1   Grades 4-7
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Number Puzzles - Counting and Skip Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s - Free   Multiplication Facts Fluency Kinesthetic Exercise Activity FREEBIE
By Marcia Murphy   By Lessons By Lauren
Grades PreK-2   Grades 2-6
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Geography Anchor Chart Special Places FREE DOWNLOAD   Personal Budgets: Economics Reading Passage and Questions
By Tech Teacher Pto3   By Elementary Lesson Plans
Grades PreK-1   Grades 4-6
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Articulation /s/ Freebie!   Free Sequencing Stories
By Teaching Talking   By The Speech Zone
Grades PreK-3   Grades K-3
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Fairy Tale, Castle, Cave Background Scene Clipart Freebie   Analog Clocks Clip Art
By SillyODesign - clipart   By Just Draw
Not Grade Specific   Grades PreK-12
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Editable Teacher Binder | GOOGLE Drive | Digital Teacher Planner | FREE Updates
Grades K-12
Weekly Grammar and Language Activities: Year-Long BUNDLE
Grades 2-4
Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten Curriculum
Grades PreK-K
First Grade Centers Math and ELA -- Year Long GROWING BUNDLE
Grades K-2
Hands-On Fluency Bundle
Grades K-1
Writing Bundle: Personal Narrative, Informational, Opinion & Fiction Narrative
Grades 3-4
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