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10 Tips for Ending the Year on a Good Note
10 Tips for Ending the Year on a Good Note
With the end of the school year comes long days of assessments, grading, organizing, packing, and cleaning. Here are some suggestions from Teacher-Author Mrs Wheeler on how to stay positive, focused, and organized during these final few weeks. You've got this!
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3 Ways to Promote Higher Order Thinking
3 Ways to Promote Higher Order Thinking
"I want my students to take all the tools I've taught them and be able to apply them in order to solve something," explains Susan Jones. Read on as she unpacks three methods that help develop higher order thinkers in the primary classroom.
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Resource Round-Up!
Resource Round-Up!
Looking for creative ways to incorporate literacy instruction across content areas? Look no further! This week's resource round-up is filled with ideas that will help your students develop fluency and comprehension in Spanish, math, social studies, science, and music. You'll also find classroom management tools and a whole lot more.
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Shaeera   Jodi
Shaeera   Jodi
Shaeera   Jodi
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Comprehension Construction for K-3rd {Hands-on Guided Reading}   Project Based Learning: Design a Theme Park
By Brooke Brown - Teach Outside the Box   By Kristina Ficquette
Grades K-3   Grades 2-6
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Working Memory, Step By Step with Explicit Teaching!   Art History for Elementary Bundle (12 Art Projects / Teacher Scripts)
By Creative Inclusion   By Whimsy Workshop Teaching
Grades PreK-2   Grades 1-3
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Seller Spotlight
Carrie Whitlock
Carrie Whitlock
Greenville, South Carolina
Visit my store!
I love to create thorough units that are engaging for students and teachers! My main focus is science, but I also create products for other subjects, as well as logic puzzles. These featured products are some favorites of mine. They have colorful presentations with visuals to help explain the concepts covered in each unit, assessments and activities to engage and measure a student's understanding of the unit, fun interactive notebook entries to reference as needed, and vocabulary walls to enrich the units. These bundles give you the tools you need to help your units succeed!
My Featured Resources
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Force and Motion: Complete Set Bundle   Common Core Math: 4th Grade Geometry Complete Set
By Carrie Whitlock  By Carrie Whitlock
Grades 3-6   Grades 3-5
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10 Free Downloads
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End of Year Writing with Six Traits Rubrics: SAMPLE   Digraphs Read and Write the Room {Freebie}
By Primary Cornerstone   By Literacy with the Littles
Grades 1-3   Grades K-2
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FREEBIE Spring Math Worksheets   FREE Equivalent Fractions Task Cards
By Monkey Lady   By Susan Mescall
Grades 1-3   Grades 4-6
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Memorial Day Poem and Writing Paper   HERO Flip Book - Printable Book - {Veteran's and Memorial Day}
By Theresa's Teaching Tidbits   By Crayonbox Learning
Grades K-3   Grades K-5
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Literacy Worksheets for any book   STEM Sparks- Maker Space Task Cards Freebie
By TchrBrowne   By Get Caught Engineering - STEM for Kids
Grades 1-5   Grades 2-5
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Positive Notes Home Parent Teacher Communication Editable FREEBIE   Social Skills Activity Thinking about others
By Cameron Brazelton   By SmartmouthSLP
Grades PreK-5   Grades 3-6
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Editable Teacher Binder | GOOGLE Drive | Digital Teacher Planner | FREE Updates
Grades K-12
Science Awards - 60 End of the Year Science Awards
Grades 3-12
End of the Year Awards
Grades K-8
END OF THE YEAR Activities: Fun & Fresh!
Grades 3-5
End of Year Awards EDITABLE- 80 Color and B&W
Grades 1-4
End of the Year Activity Mystery Game for the Whole Class
Grades 3-7
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