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Vol 540: Grades 6-12
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Element Mini-Poster, Linear Equations Playlist, More
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Labels, Trays, File Folders, More
Labels, Trays, File Folders, More
Learn about the marvelous methods some middle and high school teachers employ to help keep their classrooms organized. For example, The Colorado Classroom relies on color. "I find color is a quick, visual discernment for the brain so I use color to represent each one of my class periods or subjects. I then use that color all throughout my classroom."
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So Much to Explore With <i>The Tempest</i>!
So Much to Explore With The Tempest!
"The Tempest is a story of family, of love, of power, of revenge, and of forgiveness. And this is where our analysis of the play begins." See how Louisa of TpT store Literature Daydreams brings this play to life for her students.
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Fun Quadratic Formula Activities!
Fun Quadratic Formula Activities!
Shana of Scaffolded Math and Science is all about quadratics! And her passion is teaching math to kids who are afraid of math. Check out these awesome quadratic formula activities — pennants, chains, and so much more!
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Emily   Jodi
Emily   Jodi
Emily   Jodi
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Daily Doodle Vocabulary – Vocabulary Activities for an Entire Year!   AP English Language (AP Language or AP Lang) BASICS BUNDLE
By Brain Waves Instruction   By Angie Kratzer
Grades 6-8   Grades 10-12
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Back to School Science Activities for Middle School   Algebra 1 Review Packet - Back to School Math Packet for Geometry or Algebra 2
By That Rocks Math Science and ELA   By Math in the Middle
Grades 4-9   Grades 8-11
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Seller Spotlight
Nicole VanTassel
Erie, PA
Visit my store!
I believe students must be engaged in DOING science — observing phenomena, collecting data, and puzzling it out. My resources use the 5E Model to guide students through this process, and my content and instructional strategies are truly aligned to the NGSS. My students take the front seat, driving their learning as they investigate the natural world. My role is to guide students to higher levels of understanding by keeping them on course and moving forward. When we engage our students in DOING science, we have the power to develop problem-solvers and world-changers who are prepared for the 21st century and can approach the world with a scientific mind. My goal is to help teachers do this by providing the NGSS-aligned curriculum they need.
My Featured Resources
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Invasive Species Project - PBL (NGSS MS-LS2-4 MS-LS2-5   Ecology Mystery: The Case Of The Silent Night (MS-LS2-4)
By iExploreScience  By iExploreScience
Grades 6-9   Grades 6-9
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10 Free Downloads
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Flip Flop Fragments (Changing Fragments into Sentences)   Shades of Meaning Word Choice Graphic Organizer
By The Peanut Gallery   By Real Lessons for the Teenage Mind
Grades 4-7   Grades 4-12
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FREE! Creating Equations Activity   Calculus Back to School Ice Breaker - Fun activity
By Algebra That Functions   By Joan Kessler
Grades 5-10   Grades 10-12
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Solving Linear Equations - Playlist and Teaching Notes   Parallel Lines -Types & Properties of the Angles Formed INB Pages FREEBIE!!!
By Wisewire   By Secondary Math Shop
Grade 8   Grades 9-11
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Scale Model of Earth's Atmosphere   Element Mini-poster Project- FREEBIE!
By Middle School Earth Science   By Teacher Erica's Science Store
Grades 5-9   Grades 5-9
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Spanish Fiestas - Fiestas de la Magdalena - Reading Comprehention   College Syllabus Scavenger Hunt for Senior English
By EduZebra   By English Rules
Grades 5-12   Grade 12
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Geometry Curriculum
Grades 8-12
Algebra 1 Curriculum
Grades 7-11
Algebra 2 Curriculum
Grades 9-12
Biology Curriculum - FULL YEAR Bundle
Grades 9-12
The Embouchure Project Beginning Band BUNDLE
Grades 3-9
Full Year High School English, 180 Days of English 9-10 Curriculum, CCSS
Grades 9-10
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