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Ancient Mesopotamia STEM Challenges
Ancient Mesopotamia STEM Challenges
"Ancient Civilizations has to be my favorite curriculum to teach," says Suzanne of StudentSavvy. "I could probably spend the whole year just focusing on Egypt alone." See some of her awesome and interactive lesson ideas.
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Classroom Management Ideas for the SLP
Classroom Management Ideas for the SLP
"I know what some of you are thinking: 'She only takes three, maybe five kids max at a time. Why would she need classroom management?' Well, I'm here to tell you I do, and you probably do, too," says Teacher-Author and SLP Nicole Allison.
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Resource Round-Up!
Resource Round-Up!
Graphic organizers, life cycle activities, a chapter book comparison pack, and so much more. Take a closer look at this week's resource round-up. And remember: half of the resources are free!
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Emily   Jodi
Emily   Jodi
Emily   Jodi
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Missing Numbers- Yearlong! Ordering Numbers Sets to: 20, 100 & 120!   Project Based Learning : Economics, Supply and Demand
By Erika Deane   By Special Treat Friday
Grades PreK-1   Grades 2-3
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22 Famous Americans - Mini-Biography Worksheets   Reading Log Bundle: 13 Reading Strategies & Skills
By Merry Friends   By Keep Calm and Teach
Grades 2-4   Grades 3-7
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Seller Spotlight
Inspiring Young Learners --- Beth Vaucher
Inspiring Young Learners --- Beth Vaucher
Chicago, IL
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My experience with ELL students in mainstream classrooms in the U.S. and internationally has cultivated a passion to create quality and engaging materials that empower teachers and equip students with the skills to succeed. On the journey to English fluency, it is vital to understand and meet students where they are, so begin with my Language Proficiency Assessment to gauge your students' abilities in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Then provide daily support with activities and materials that are fun and interactive to reinforce and grow their skills with Everything You Need for ELL Newcomers to build a solid foundation.
My Featured Resources
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Assessment of English Language Proficiency for ELL Newcomers   Everything you Need for ELL Newcomers {BUNDLE!}
By Inspiring Young Learners --- Beth Vaucher   By Inspiring Young Learners --- Beth Vaucher
Grades K-3   Grades 1-4
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10 Free Downloads
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Baseball Themed Telling Time to 5 Minutes Game 2.MD.7   Free Fact Families. All operations.
By Beach Teacher   By Creating Light Bulbs
Grades 1-2   Grades 3-5
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CVC Word Write and Draw by Education and Inspiration   Fable FREEBIE: Ant & Grasshopper Literature Activities
By Education and Inspiration   By Cherie Marie
Grades PreK-1   Grades 3-5
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Non-Fiction Text Features Report   Cause and Effect Literacy Activity - Free
By Sparkling in Second Grade   By Foreman Teaches
Grades K-5   Grades 3-6
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El número del día!   Light and Sound Understanding Matter and Energy Freebie! -Grade 4 Ontario
By Mrs Ds Kindergarten Adventures   By Resources by Kirstin
Grades PreK-3   Grade 4
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Days of the Week Key Ring   AM or PM Task Card and Sort FREEBIE
By Our Classroom   By Mrs Ps Specialties
Grades PreK-2   Grades PreK-6
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Editable Teacher Binder | FREE Updates | Digital Teacher Planner 2018-2019
Grades K-12
Weekly Grammar and Language Activities: Year-Long BUNDLE
Grades 2-4
Alphabet Curriculum
Grades PreK-K
Whiteboard Morning Meeting {40 Weeks}
Grades PreK-4
Kindergarten Guided Math Curriculum GROWING BUNDLED
Grades PreK-1
Interactive Notebook ELA Bundle of 5
Grades 4-8
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